Dance Program


Our Philosophy

We believe that to be a great dancer, you must be a smart dancer! City Dance Center instructors strive to teach our students not just the steps but why we do those steps, what does the french terminology actually mean, what is the move supposed to feel like on your body, etc… The goal is for our dancers to understand the movement and the intention behind the movement. This is how we believe great dancers are made! Once our students understand that concept, they can begin to really express themselves in their dancing, and become not only excellent technicians, but also stellar performers.

Our Classes

City Dance Center offers a wide variety of dance styles including the foundation classes such as ballet and jazz and the more stylized classes such as Latin and hip hop. We want our students to explore all styles of dance, so that they are versatile and employable dancers if they so choose to pursue a performing arts career path.


Our Instructors

The City Dance Center faculty is made up of talented instructors who have many years of experience in performing, choreographing, and teaching. Our teachers have danced in professional companies, Las Vegas shows, on cruise ships, at the Olympics, and the list goes on! CDC teachers have traveled the world to learn new styles and methods in teaching, stretching, philosophies on choreography, etc… Most importantly, the instructors at City Dance Center love the art of dance and strive everyday to instill that love in our wonderful young students!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at City Dance Center is to supply students with quality dance training, and at the same time, instill a love and appreciation for movement and the performing arts. Whether a recreational dancer, a competitive/pre-professional, or an adult with no previous dance training, we welcome ALL students through our doors and are excited to pass on our knowledge and passion for dance!