Spring Showcase

SPRING-SHOWCASEWe celebrate the end of each Academic Year Season with a Spring Performance Showcase usually held in early May at Julie Roger’s Theater in Downtown Beaumont. The Showcase is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to perform in a professional theater in front of a large audience.

A lot of work goes into planning our Showcase each year so that it runs smoothly and as organized as possible. Each class has a costume that is ordered in November. Combo classes have multiple costumes. Dancers start learning their Showcase routines in January and will have a polished routine to perform on stage by May.

In order for dancers to feel comfortable on stage, regular attendance in class is extremely important. Teachers will not only be teaching technical skills but choreography that the student will need to memorize for the performance.
Detailed information that covers all aspects of the Showcase will be handed out to parents after Christmas Break. It is very important for our dance parents to read all information and notate important dates.

There are fees involved with the Showcase. They are as follows:

Costume Fees – Range from $45 to $85 per costume

Showcase Fee – $55 per student or $75 per family; The showcase fee helps to cover the cost of theater rental, programs, lighting equipment, and props.

Optional Fees – Showcase DVD, Tshirt, Program Ad

SPRING-SHOWCASE-3-The Showcase usually falls on a Saturday in early May. There will also be a couple of rehearsal days leading up to the show. All showcase rehearsals will be held at the theater and are mandatory. Rehearsals will include a technical and dress rehearsal.

Questions regarding the Showcase are usually addressed in our showcase packet and we also have a Q & A session during the second Parent’s Viewing Week at the studio. Our goal is for dancers and parents to feel calm and confident on Show night!